Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival Tickets

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival Tickets

rockstar-energy-mayhem-festival-ticketsAre you a big-time fan of hard rock and heavy metal? Are you a person who enjoys a large showcase of several bands in one gigantic concert? If you answered yes to either of these, then we at have the perfect ticket for you. Mayhem Fest tickets to the upcoming Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival are currently on sale, and thousands of hard-core fans are sure to be matched up with exclusive tickets for low prices in the upcoming days and weeks.

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Mayhem Fest Tickets

The Rockstar Energy Mayhem schedule was recently announced, and it is a thrill to even contemplate the idea that 17 bands will be touring North America in one gigantic group. If you want to get in on this gigantic and epic party, the time to make arrangements to purchase Mayhem Fest tickets is right now.

Many outdoor festivals have become popular annual events over the past few decades, but none of them have been able to pull off the outlandish and highly ambitious idea of putting a music festival on the road. Those who have attended a Mayhem Festival in past years know that the environment is wild and crazy, and the energy is at a fever pitch the entire time. Each band waits with anticipation for their turn to make a mark on a show that is chock-full of talent from top to bottom, and if you get your hands on Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival tickets, you'll be all set to see the full-throttle action unfold. 

The official mascot of the 2013 Mayhem Music Festival is an angry flaming skeleton at the helm of a large roaring motorcycle. You need not be an expert in symbolism to get the gist that this is going to be one intense celebration of hard rock music. Many fans of the genre find appeal in its incredible power and emotional release, and the audiences are taken along for one gigantic ride over the course of several hours.

North Americans have ample opportunities to purchase a ticket to a live show, which will each unfold on one main stage and three auxiliary stages. The tour begins in San Bernardino, California on June 29 before weaving through the Northwest, Southwest and heading toward the East Coast in mid-July for nine consecutive shows in the states clustered in the Northeast. Mid-America will be treated to a collection of shows over the course of the rest the month, and the fast-paced, rapid-fire tour will wrap up on August 4 in Dallas. Do you want in on this mayhem? We beckon you to act quickly.

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