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prince-concert-ticketsFans of Prince are well aware that he is as mysterious as he is talented, and he is currently in the preparation process for what is sure to be a wild and intimate live show. The offstage introvert and onstage extrovert is tackling a very ambitious tour schedule, performing a series of day and night shows in cities such as Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Tickets to Prince and show tour dates can be found below.

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Such an ambitious tour schedule is a clear testament that the 54-year-old has found some type of fountain of youth which allows him to behave like his 25-year-old self. Prince concert tickets are available now.

Raised by a father who made a living playing piano and a mother who was a part-time jazz singer, young Prince clearly had musical gifts woven into his biology. This having been said, he took his skills to an entirely new level that the pop world had previously not seen, creating a simultaneously vulnerable yet immensely powerful character who has captivated the hearts of men women all over the globe in the past three decades. 

Several bands and soloists active in the 1980s will go on tour this year, the very few of them will be able to play a large collection of hits that are still pounding on radio stations on a daily basis. Prince's greatest hits from the 80s such as, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy and I Would Die For You have become universally accepted rock anthems that are regularly heard at everything from bar mitzvahs to college basketball games. 

Prince enjoys lurking in the shadows before exploding onto the scene, both in a performing sense and in a social sense. Instead of being highly vocal and self-promotional about his tour dates, Prince prefers to let modern social human interaction run its course, and news about his upcoming shows is often leaked through social media outlets in an underground fashion. A collection of added Prince concert dates were recently confirmed, giving fans all over the West Coast and beyond even more chances to score coveted Prince tickets

No matter how secretive the Minnesota native is, we at have all the moves to stock our inventories with large selections of exclusive tickets for very affordable prices. If you are one of the millions of people who are hoping to get your hands on Prince tickets to an upcoming Prince tour date, please know that you have found the right place.



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