Peter Frampton Tickets

Peter Frampton Tickets

Peter Frampton is an English rock legend who traveled the path from obscurity in London to global popularity throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He has 19 studio albums in total, the most recent being an acoustic version of many of his classics that was released just last year. He continues to tour and co-tour, and he continues to be plenty popular enough to sell out venues of all sizes throughout North America.

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Peter Frampton

Frampton was born in the English capitol in late-April of 1950. It was a time in which the counterculture was percolating in the United States and in England, and musicians such as Frampton helped guide the movement and define it artistically. Frampton spent his formative years in music as a member of Humble Pie. He set out on his own solo career in 1971.

His 1972 studio release was entitled Wind of Change, and the name was certainly in tune with what was going on in politics and society throughout the colorful 1970s. Despite its relevance and list of songs, that release and Frampton's 1973 release entitled Frampton's Camel did not make much noise on the American Billboard charts.

He shifted gears to a much more bold approach with 1976’s Frampton Comes Alive!, an album that is now widely regarded as one of the top 10 rock 'n roll albums of the 70s. It was the first live studio album that Frampton ever recorded, and it was clear to see the natural connection he had with his excited audience. The album has gone Platinum eight times in the US.

Three huge singles came from Frampton Comes Alive!, and the trio of chart-topping songs are often the centerpiece of Peter Frampton live performances. The album immediately shot to the #1 position on the US Billboard 200, and did the same on the Canadian Top 100 charts. Interestingly, it only got as high as #6 on the UK album charts.

Peter Frampton Tickets

An impressive amount of rock 'n roll artists from Frampton's generation have stayed at or near the very peak of their creative and vocal capabilities. It is a bit mind-boggling to think that artists who began performing in the early-70s are now closing in on 50 years of being professional musicians. Frampton is one of the torchbearers of this group. Unlike many, he has declined to take a huge hiatus throughout the span.

Instead, Frampton has cranked out studio albums regularly since his initial release in 1972. He has obviously evolved as an artist as he has changed from a fluffy-haired fresh-faced youngster to a smooth-scalped veteran of the business. But the level of energy he puts into his songs and his desire to please his fans at every performance remains strong.

Frampton's 2017 co-tour with Steve Miller is one of the biggest in a year featuring a variety of collaborative efforts starring longtime musicians looking to rekindle the magic and re-create the experience of magical decade such as the 1970s and 80s with sold-out audiences from coast-to-coast.

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