Mariah Carey Tickets

Mariah Carey Tickets

cheap-mariah-carey-ticketsMariah Carey was born on Long Island, New York to parents of African-American, Venezuelan and Irish descent. While it is not clear whether this occurred in March 1969 or March 1970, one thing that is crystal clear is that Mariah Carey tickets have been among the most popular on the touring circuit for the last quarter-century. She is an immensely talented, bold and creative artist who has plenty of substance and style behind her million-dollar smile and captivating curves.

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She experienced a childhood heavy on discrimination and relocation, but she came out of it ready to show her skills to the world. Making music became a bit of an escape from a judgmental world that was not sure how to categorize her ethnically, as if that needed to be done. An accidental series of events led to her being exposed to a record executive that gave Mariah her first break in the late 1980s. Within a few short years, Mariah Carey concert tickets were being sold out for venues across the globe.

Columbia bigwig Tommy Mottola got ahold of her demo tape in 1988, and h produced her self-entitled debut album in the following years. In 1993, the duo married, creating a couple with the power to make anything happen and the talent to make any dream realistic. The New York Times credited her for creating a pop subgenre in the 1990s that dozens of artists have attempted to replicate in the years since. Her unparalleled vocal range combined with an innate ability to inject emotion into her songs captivated audiences in North America, making tickets for Mariah Carey concerts wildly popular.

Her marriage to Mottola dissipated in the late 1990s, but she had already begun to walk the path to international stardom and living-legend status. While managing to keep her most intimate things private she bared her soul to the world through her studio albums, releasing a total of seven successful CDs between 1990 and 1999. Glitter dropped in 2001, and it represented one of the only works of the New York native that was not totally embraced by critics.

Mariah Carey Concert Tour

She got back on track with studio albums in 2002, 2005 and 2008, culminating with the E=MC2, which was propelled by the wildly popular Touch My Body single. She has embarked on a total of eight tours throughout her career, and she is scheduled to play a series of 2014 December shows at an exclusive New York venue.

Cheap Mariah Carey tickets can still be found, especially if you have a friend in the online ticket business. We at are proud to be the friend who can get you in the middle of exclusive tour dates and up close and personal with the fortysomething-year-old who has earned the right to do whatever she wants creatively. Mariah Carey is a modern-day diva whose name will be etched into the most important pages of R&B, pop and soul folklore.


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