Judas Priest Tickets

Judas Priest Tickets

judas-priest-tickets-cheapJudas Priest is a unique, revolutionary rock band that came together in the late 1960s, honed their craft in the 1970s and sprang onto the scene in the early 1980s during a time when rock and heavy metal was just being introduced to a worldwide audience. Judas Priest tickets were insanely popular throughout the decade as the band rose to prominence and essentially became the torchbearers for the original heavy metal movement. Credited with inventing things such as studded leather outfits and dueling lead guitarists, they thrilled fans and captivated the minds of all folks who purchased tickets for Judas Priest live shows.

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The band was formed in Birmingham, England by a few musically inclined youngsters who were essentially rebelling against the candy cane pop music that was coming out of England throughout the 50s and 60s. From the very beginning, the band really didn't care how they were received, and playing music for them seemed as much therapy as it was creative expression. Outlets such as MTV have credited them with having influence on countless heavy metal bands that sprang up in the years after they took the spotlight. Judas Priest concert tickets are once again available on a regular basis, as the band has come back together and still very much embodies their pedal to the metal, devil-may-care style.

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Throughout their prime in the 1980s and early 90s, bandmembers came and left. It was no secret that the group lived a hard-charging, party-until-sunrise lifestyle while on the road, and it caught up with a few folks over the years. Nonetheless, they always maintained their signature sound and their knack for high-energy live performances. In 1990, the band was brought into a Nevada court after someone had determined that a few depressed youngsters were prompted to end their lives after listening to Judas Priest songs. The charge seemed silly and was ultimately entirely unsubstantiated, but it was proof that people from all walks of life had a close eye on their music.

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Since reuniting a few years after the turn-of-the-century, the band has played with an exuberance and confidence that they had during their rise to fame and heyday in the latter part of the 20th century. Fans who purchase Judas Priest tickets to upcoming concerts will see a well-oiled group of musicians with an excellent chemistry. They will also get to hear all the classic hits that made them one of the true pioneers of heavy metal. Get your cheap Judas Priest tickets now.


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