Iggy Azalea Tickets

Iggy Azalea Tickets

iggy-azalea-concert-ticketsIggy Azalea is an Australian hip-hop and rap songwriter and performer, as well as a model. Born in the summer of 1990, she grew up in an era in which female musicians were taking over North American pop charts and asserting their place alongside their male counterparts as the most popular and important figures of the modern era. After a brief stint with Grand Hustle, the red-hot sometimes-blonde arranged a deal with Mercury and Island Def Jam Records, and the result has been a steady output of Iggy Azalea tour dates and Iggy Azalea ticket buying opportunities.

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Iggy Azalea Concert Tickets

Azalea was born in Sydney to an enterprising father who worked as a house painter and comic book artist and a blue-collar mother who made her living cleaning holiday houses and hotels. After gaining exposure to the North American girl trio TLC and chart-topping rappers from the 1990s such as the legendary Tupac Shakur and plus-sized lyricist Missy Elliott, she began experimenting with rap while still in junior high school. Her peer reviews were mostly positive, and she was enticed and motivated to explore what lied on the other side of the Pacific due to the fact that she genuinely hated everything about school, except the art and music classes.

Her parents were initially wary of her idea to make it big in the home of The Big Apple, but they had made a point of raising and building a confident, talented young woman unafraid of taking risks and putting her reputation on the line. Little did they know, she would soon be selling Iggy Azalea concert tickets by the tens of thousands.

Iggy Azalea

In an incredibly bold move, Azalea talked her folks into letting her embark on a "holiday" to the United States with a few friends while still a 15-year-old. After falling in love with the Western land that she had dreamed about visiting as long as she could remember, she quickly committed to being a North American resident and making her living as a performing musician. Clearly, she had pushed a lot of chips to the center of the table and was essentially wagering her entire life and livelihood on the fact that she could carve out a name for herself in an incredibly competitive genre.

She came out with guns blazing. In late September 2011, a mix tape made its way into the hands of many important names in the rap and hip-hop game. Hard-hitting and unapologetic tracks such as Pu$$y and My World got the attention of those with the ability to turn her into a star. Fast forward to the present, and cheap Iggy Azalea tickets are selling by the handfuls on popular online outlets. Her style is edgy, her creativity is a bit dark and she is currently one of the hottest things in the hip hop and rap world.

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