Great American Beer Festival Tickets

Great American Beer Festival Tickets

The Great American Beer Festival is nothing short of a dream scenario for millions of beer enthusiasts throughout North America. Staged in the late summertime every year since 1982, tickets for The Great American Beer Festival have steadily grown in popularity. The initial Festival featured beers from 22 breweries. The 2015 Festival will span three days and is expected to have just short of 800 breweries and well over 2,000 beers. Cheers.

Great American Beer Festival Events & Schedule

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The Great American Beer Festival Tickets

The Festival will begin on Thursday, September 24 at 5:30 PM local time and run until 10 PM. The same hours will be in effect on Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26. Folks who get their hands on special access member passes will be able to enter the Festival at noon time on Saturday.

Great American Beer Festival tickets are available for single days or all three days. Organizers smartly opted to wrap the showon Saturday night, giving folks who make the journey to Denver, Colorado with a Sunday to sober up, recoup and fly or drive back to their hometowns. For beer enthusiasts lucky enough to live in and around the great city of Denver, the Festival is the equivalent of Santa Claus coming to town. If Santa had a sled full of the most delicious beers in all of America.

Great American Beer Festival Denver

Folks will be able to hobnob with a few celebrity names and partake in the consumption of a delicious variety of beers ranked in a slew of different categories. The gold, silver and bronze medals given at this Festival quickly serve as a huge resume builder for small, upstart breweries hoping to turn into the next big thing.

Many modern breweries are successfully following the modern blueprint, including Track 7 Brewing Co. out of Sacramento, California and Upland Brewing Co. out of Bloomington, Indiana. There are literally hundreds of breweries fueled by a handful of individuals putting in long weeks and doing truly amazing things. This Festival is an opportunity for them to show off the fruits of their labor.

Great American Beer Festival 2015

The overall landscape of brewing has become fiercely competitive and creative over the past 15 years as beer has become the new torch-bearing beverage of high quality and elaborate refinement. Gone are the days of cheap, watery beers being guzzled, squeezed and tossed to the ground – the modern millennium is a much more sophisticated and delicious era. All beer fans interested in attending should make a few clicks now to ensure that they secure Great American Beer Festival tickets.

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