Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Tickets

detroit-lions-thanksgiving-day-game-ticketsIn prior centuries, Thanksgiving meant reminiscing about the legends of the Pilgrims and Indians. In prior generations, Thanksgiving meant coming together with a huge collection of family members from near and far. While both of those concepts are still alive in the modern era, Thanksgiving has evolved into being about highly entertaining professional football from morning through night. Thanksgiving 2014 is highlighted by three important games, the best of which could end up being Lions vs Bears.

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Lions vs Bears Thanksgiving Tickets

Those in the market for Lions vs Bears 2014 Thanksgiving Day Game Tickets have arrived at the right destination. It has become custom that the Detroit Lions play the first game of every Thanksgiving Day at home in front of fans who are hungry for a victory before they fill their bellies with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Purchasing Lions Thanksgiving Day tickets and attending the game has become as much of a ritual as celebrating the holiday itself for many fans of the silver and blue.

Lions vs Bears tickets are a hot item both times the conference foes do battle in the regular season, and the 2014 version is expected to be a slugfest. Both teams are led by quarterbacks with strong arms and the mentality of a burglar. If Matt Stafford and Jay Cutler are at their top form in late November, fans who purchase Lions vs Bears Thanksgiving tickets can expect to see a shootout. Both teams have made roster moves in the off-season and in recent years to bolster their offensive attack, and the results have been impressive, if at some times inconsistent. Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is otherwise known as Megatron, and his athletic ability is unparalleled. Chicago Bears pass catcher Brandon Marshall recently extended his contract with the squad, and his intent is to put them in contention for a championship.

Lions Thanksgiving Game 2014

The Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game 2014 will kick off a huge and special day of sports and family fun. There is no better way to begin a holiday than to share moments of jubilation and glee with tens of thousands of fellow fans before returning home to a welcoming scene and a dinner table filled by some of your closest and most loved family and friends. Many Lions fans have attended Thanksgiving Day games in past years, while others are still waiting for the opportunity to experience their very first. Both are in an excellent position to secure their seats now using our large and easy-to-access selection of ticket options. Fans intereseted in attending this years game should get their Detroit Lions Thanksgiving tickets as soon as possible as it will most likely sell-out again!

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