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Bette Midler Tickets

cheap-bette-midler-ticketsBette Midler was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii during an era where the United States was just coming out of World War II and the future of the entertainment business was a bit uncertain. Long before she packed houses full of excited Bette Midler ticket holders, she wowed her high school classmates with her dramatic abilities and attended the University of Hawaii for a few semesters in the early 60s. She made the bold move across the Pacific and the Continental United States and landed in New York City in the summer of 1965.

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She arrived in a bustling metropolis that was in need of true professionals who could fill the roles up-and-down Manhattan's Broadway. After being given a few breaks and appearing as an extra in a major motion picture, she developed the confidence and skills to carve out a career as a young entertainer. Many fans believe that music has always been her true calling and strongest creative arena, and many of those have purchased tickets for Bette Midler tour dates in the past. She recently announced a 2015 jaunt that will take her to all corners of North America and the United Kingdom, and dates continue to be revealed.

In 1972, she released her debut studio album through Atlantic Records. It garnered platinum status and a top 10 spot on the coveted Billboard charts. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy was a song that ended up being a snapshot of an innocent yet highly jovial era, capturing the essence of life for a military man and packaging it in a way that the public absolutely devoured. She begin to make appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson after a few more studio albums in the mid-70s, and by the time the late 70s rolled around, she was starring alongside the greats of the business on television specials.

Bette Midler concert tickets were growing in popularity with each passing week, and she began to slowly morph from a young and hungry entertainer willing to work in whatever capacity she could into a living legend and diva who dictated the course of her career on her own terms. A major player in the 1985 collaborative fundraising effort We Are the World, she jumped back in front of the camera in the late 80s for several appearances in motion pictures that garnered her plenty of praise and fame.

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Cheap Bette Midler tickets are readily available despite her sky-high popularity, and the fact that she recently emerged from a creative hibernation of about a decade has excited fans far and wide. A tour that spanned 2003 and 2004 entitled Kiss My Brass featured a big band and is widely regarded as one of her most popular and celebrated creative endeavors ever. Are you interested in getting your hands on Bette Midler tickets? You can take solace in the fact that you have arrived at the right place. We are huge Bette Midler fans ourselves, and are committed to making the moves to continue to be an online epicenter for Midler fans of all ages.


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