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queen-concert-tour-ticketsQueen is one of the British legends of rock 'n roll. They crossed the Atlantic in the early 1970s and shared their skills and unique song-making talents with North American fans who purchased Queen tickets and albums as soon as they came out. Musicians Brian May and Roger Taylor had a good thing going with a band named Smile, but when charismatic and talented front man Freddie Mercury joined the fray, they officially became Queen.

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2014 Queen Concert Tickets

Soon thereafter, they began cranking out hits that would later define an era in which artists were expanding the boundaries of creativity and people were expanding the boundaries of their consciousness. Bohemian Rhapsody shot to the top of the UK and United States Singles Charts and was utilized and honored in works such as the movie Wayne’s World.

The hits kept coming throughout the 1980s as the band sold an abundance of tickets for Queen concerts around the globe. They performed in 1985's famous Live Aid, putting forth a performance that is openly considered one of the greatest live sets in rock 'n roll history. A handful of years later, it was discovered that Mercury and contracted the AIDS virus, and its complications would ultimately lead to his death in 1991. At that point time, the band had already achieved the majority of their staggering 18 #1 Albums and 18 #1 Singles. The trio made a habit of always attributing their songs to Queen in general, so as to not make a sideshow out of who was doing exactly what in terms of songwriting and production.

Tickets For Queen Concert

Obviously, the band went on a hiatus and experienced a void in creativity in the years following Mercury's passing, but they always kept their passions for music alive and their talents sharp. Queen Tickets were available again in the late 1990s after the band released a studio album in 1997 and put together a live performance with Elton Jon entitled The Show Must Go On. At the urging of Sir Elton, May and Taylor united once again and began to play their classic and legendary songs using a variety of front men in place of the irreplaceable Mercury.

Millions of fans interested in purchasing Cheap Queen Tickets to their concerts appreciated this very much, and the vibe and passion was every bit as apparent. British musician Paul Rodgers joined them in 2005 and 2006 for Queen World Tours, but a major and somewhat magical development recently materialized that has excited Queen fans all over the globe.

Adam Lambert Queen Tour

Former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert dabbled in re-creating the work of Queen when he was on the famous music talent show years ago, and May and Taylor tapped the talents of the 32-year-old during a huge music Festival last year. The result was a performance that wowed audiences from coast-to-coast, making everyone highly anxious about the opportunity to purchase 2014 Queen Tickets and see a band recently rejuvenated and now fronted by one of the best voices in all of rock music. is your #1 source for Adam Lambert Queen tickets.


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