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John Mayer Tickets

john-mayer-tour-ticketsDespite controversies, celebrity relationships, and a few brief hiatuses designed for soul-searching, John Mayer concert tickets have remained some of the most popular in the business. He recently announced a nice-sized late summer and early autumn tour that will touch down in a bunch of very enjoyable and comfortable music-first venues all over North America.

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2013 John Mayer Concert Tickets

The son of an English teacher and a high school principal, Mayor had the values of education and hard work instilled in him at a young age, but he chose a much less conventional career path than teaching in the public school system. Like many young folks with budding talent who eventually turn their dreams into reality, Mayor dropped out of college at the age of 19 to focus the entirety of his time and energy on practicing and perfecting his craft.

His first break came in the year 2000 when he was given the stage at the SXSW Festival, and his exposure grew exponentially from there. He literally grew up and matured from a young man into an adult in front of the world and millions of his adoring fans, and he has used the last 13 years to galvanize his public image as one of the most attractive and talented male pop artists in the nation. 

Mayor has tried his hand at acting and even stand-up comedy in past years, but his most natural place is clearly on stage, playing his guitar and entertaining fans with his signature smooth vocals. His upcoming Born & Raised Tour comes on the heels of his most recent CD, Born & Raised, which was released in 2012. He has written the overwhelming majority of his many chart-toppers, and it is clear to see that he is speaking from a deep personal place with many of his lyrics. 

Even at the relatively young age of 35, Mayer already has a ton of stage experience and is a seasoned veteran savvy to how the music industry works, inside and out. He has reached a point time where he is clearly all about connecting with and entertaining his many fans, and an upcoming North American swing featuring over 40 John Mayer tour dates at very well-known and loved venues has fan all over the nation stoked and anxious for the chance to purchase these John Mayer tickets. Lucky for you, a huge selection of Born & Raised Tour tickets are only a few clicks away. 

John Mayer Concert

Your chance to see the 2003 Grammy winner for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and nominee for Best New Artist is now. Mayer has subtly promised fans through recent social media postings that anyone who gets their hands on John Mayer tickets to this upcoming tour will be in for a one heck of a show.

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