Ed Sheeran Madison Square Garden Tickets

ed-sheeran-madison-square-garden-ticketsAfter nearly a decade of pounding the pavement and practicing his craft on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Ed Sheeran began to get notoriety in North America in the year 2012. The last 18 months have literally been a whirlwind of success in performing, and the 22-year-old Brit has offered fans several opportunities to get their hands on Ed Sheeran Madison Square Garden tickets. 

Ed Sheeran In New York

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Ed Sheeran - Madison Square Garden

Now comes the news that he will be playing at New York City's famed Madison Square Garden on the evening of Friday, November 1, and fans all over the East Coast are currently in a scramble to find and secure Ed Sheeran MSG tickets. Always being a step ahead of the pace, we have stocked a large, affordable and very easy to access inventory of Ed Sheeran NYC tickets.


For those Ed Sheeran’s age or younger who may not be aware, Madison Square Garden is widely known as the most famous and iconic live entertainment venue in all of New York City, and NYC is regarded all over the globe as being the World’s epicenter of culture and entertainment. Connecting the dots, this means that Ed Sheeran will be playing at one of single best venues on Earth. It is an honor to take the stage in the building that has hosted greats from Frank Sinatra to Beyonce, and the energy inside and outside of the downtown locale is electric on Friday evenings.

Ed Sheeran MSG Tickets

Sir Elton John is essentially managing Sheeran’s career, and his connections may have gone a long way toward this Ed Sheeran Madison Square Garden show. That’s not to say that the young guitarist and singer is not talented or popular enough, but it is somewhat rare for a performer so early into his career to have such an honor bestowed upon him. Sheeran already impressed North American audiences this past summer while teaming up with Taylor Swift on her popular tour, and his stock is currently very high.    

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