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Bon Jovi Tickets

bon-jovi-2013-concert-ticketsBon Jovi's upcoming Because We Can 2013 tour were recently announced, and we are proudly offering up Bon Jovi concert tickets at incredible prices because, well, we can. If you are looking for Bon Jovi concert tickets to one of the Because We Can Tour shows or are interested in having the pick of the litter when subsequent shows are announced, then you have come to the right place. Please have a look around at our incredible selection of Bon Jovi tickets and concert tickets of all kinds.

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The Canadian dates will unfold in February and April, meaning that they are essentially bookmarks put in place for a much larger tour than will likely span several months and visit dozens of North American cities. Bon Jovi has amazing drawing power, and unlike most bands their audience ranges from teenagers to folks in their golden years. The band has been rocking audiences all over the globe for nearly 30 years, and their track record since the turn of the century has been very impressive. The legendary band has performed over 500 shows in the past 12 years, and they have shown no signs of slowing down.

The U.S. Leg of the tour will begin on February 9th in Uncasville, Ct. and close with a 2 shows in East Rutherfod, New Jersey. The Because We Can tour will be a celebration of all of the iconic hits that allowed the band to rise to fame, as well as some of the more popular tracks from their most recent album. One thing that is for sure is that the crowds will be treated to highly memorable evenings of rock than will keep heads bobbing and ears pounding well into the night. Your chance to get in on Bon Jovi concerts tickets is only a few clicks away, and the opportunity that is currently before you will not last forever.

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Show dates that are already official include a February 13th stop in Montreal, a February 17th visit to Toronto and a show in Ottawa on February 20th. Bon Jovi will visit Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg during the first week in April, so if you are north of the border and interested in seeing Bon Jovi in person, the time to pounce is now. Bon Jovi tickets have always sold with ease and quickness, and every single venue will soon be sold out.

Update: All U.S. stops now official and on sale now.


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